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Natalia Clavier Interview

Natalia Clavier

On February 26, 2009 WXGR spent a few moments with ESL recording artist Natalia Clavier and spoke about her new album "Nectar"

Native Argentinean Natalia Clavier has lived a lifetime of music. "Music just comes to me. Music always finds me. I've never had to look far for inspiration," she says of her passion. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Natalia was exposed by her mother at an early age to a constant stream of music ranging from classical, Argentinean folk, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, singer-songwriters from Spain, to soul music from North America. She began singing in school choirs at the age of three, and at eleven was performing as a soloist for a state sponsored kids music and theater show to packed houses at Teatro de Las Provincias Argentinas, one of the largest concert halls in the city.

As a teen in drama school studying to be an actress, Natalia would mimic her favorite pop stars in private. Later she discovered jazz great Sarah Vaughn and had a new musical hero to admire and a new direction to follow. After a short time acting with local troupes and companies, Natalia met a variety of musicians and joined an ethnic/electronic/acoustic outfit called "Cosmic Ja-Ja." After some time performing live in Argentina she moved to greener pastures in Barcelona.

In Barcelona Natalia immediately hit the jazz circuit and launched herself into the electronic music scene contributing vocals to house and techno singles and even singing live at raves in front of thousands. Quickly establishing herself in the local scene she was introduced to a young guitarist and ex-pat from Argentina named Federico Aubele (who had already released his debut album Gran Hotel Buenos Aires on ESL Music). The two became fast friends and Federico asked her to tour with him and eventually, to sing on his new album Panamericana. The two married in March of 2008 in a small ceremony in Buenos Aires.

While touring across the globe with Federico, Natalia was once again exposed to new and inspiring sounds including those of songstress Lhasa de Sala. Having always sung in languages other than Spanish, Natalia felt a new and irresistible calling to express herself in her native tongue. With Federico's help and support, Natalia composed and recorded an impressive 10 track demo. When she returned with Federico to ESL Music studios in Washington DC to record vocals for his sophomore album Panamericana her demo came into the hands of Eric Hilton of Thievery Corporation. He was immediately taken by her singing talent and within the month Natalia Clavier became ESL Music's newest solo artist, and first female artist. Hilton also agreed to lend his production talents and re-wrote and re-arranged several songs for the album.

"My songwriting is honest and simple. I don't want to write complex poetry or crazy intellectual stuff. I write about simple human things. Ordinary days, life, love. Any theme can be a song. Songs are in the air and I just pluck them out. Sometimes I'll get the melody first and sometimes the lyrics. Most times it comes to me all at once" says Natalia of her song writing process. Armed with this light hearted humility and an angelic voice, Natalia has recorded her debut full length album, titled Nectar, with Eric Hilton at the production controls. The album is built on sensual rhythms and Latin flourishes; featuring the steady thump of "El Arbol," the soaring majesty of "Azul," the sly tango of "Ay De Mi," and the languid beauty of title track "Nectar." Nectar was released June 10th, 2008 and is undoubtedly a unique addition to the diverse ESL Music catalogue