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The Karminsky Experience

The Karminsky Experience's Website

"Our greatest inspiration has come from soundtracks. Henry Mancini and Roy Budd have always been our favorites," explains Martin Dingle of the London based duo The Karminsky Experience Inc. "When we started DJing together we were the first to play soundtracks alongside off beat, easy, and sometimes very psychedelic records in a club environment," adds partner James Munns.

With this aural blueprint in mind, Martin and James formed The Karminsky Experience Inc. in January of 1991. After a series of successful and influential club nights in and around the English capital, The Karminsky Experience Inc. released three compilations for Polygram. "Inflight Entertainment", "Espresso Espresso" and "Further Inflight Entertainment" were released to critical acclaim between 1996 and 1997 and notched up impressive combined global sales of nearly 100,000 copies.

After the release of their first compilations for Polygram, The Karminsky Experience Inc. spent the next few years traveling extensively - DJing for the likes of Hugh Hefner, Russ Meyer, Ken Kesey and Burt Bacharach at a wide range of events including film festivals in Copenhagen, Vienna and London and for a number of high profile companies including Diesel, Levis, Viva TV and Channel 4.

In 1997 The Karminsky Experience Inc. launched their own record label and released their first 12" EP. "Exploration" was the NME single of the week upon its release. This poly-rhythmic, outer-space, sitar-funk workout also featured on Thievery Corporation's 1998 DJ Kicks installment and has been a mainstay in their DJ set ever since. Karminsky's second 12" EP, "The Hip Sheik" was equally successful, featuring in the award winning Italian film "L'utima Baccio".

The Karminsky Experience Inc. have since remixed a number of artists including Tim Love Lee, The Gentle People, Nicola Conte, Piero Umiliani and Ursula 1000. The duo's debut album, The Power Of Suggestion offers a truly unique listening experience complete with near-eastern percussion workouts, easy-listening string flourishes and ambient soundtrack grooves.

Never one's to rest on their laurels, The Karminsky Experience are already back in the studio.

"We've been working on the next album which is going very well" says Martin. "A lot of the time we get inspired from small samples off old records. During the writing of this album (The Power Of Suggestion) we were collecting belly dance records and weird exotica. As the layers built up we developed scenes for each track and that's the part where it gets exciting. . . We're really pleased with how it sounds."