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Lemon Jelly

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Franglen and Deakin initially released three limited-circulation EPs, The Bath (1998), The Yellow (1999), and The Midnight (2000), which were then collected into a widely-released album in 2000, Lemonjelly.ky, which was both a critical and a commercial success. The promo version of this album came in a card sleeve which featured artwork from each of the EPs on the front. On the back was the text: "This CD is for promotional use only and is not for resale. Neither is it for taking down to Reckless Records to swap for half a seven inch single. It can however be used as an attractive drinks coaster should the need arise." Reckless Records was a London-based chain of music exchange shops, which has since closed down. There is still a Reckless Records operating on Broadway street in Chicago, IL (as of 2008).

Their second album (and self-proclaimed first studio album), Lost Horizons, was released in 2002, and was another success. The album featured the singles "Space Walk" and "Nice Weather For Ducks" and was nominated for the 2003 Mercury Music Prize and a BRIT Award for the now defunct "Best Dance Act" category in 2004.

Their most recent album, 2005's '64 - '95, featured a sticker to warn listeners that "This is our new album. It's not like our old album." The title comes from the fact that each track features a single sample drawn from years between 1964 and 1995, incorporating each sample in a variety of imaginative ways. It contains a track (Track 10 - "'64 - Go") featuring a vocal performance by William Shatner, with whom they collaborated for a track on his album Has Been. The album, available on both CD and vinyl, was complemented by the release of a DVD under the same title, with each of the album's audio tracks companied with colourful visuals executed mostly in 2D and 3D animation. Some of these visuals are progressive and would work as stand-alone music videos, while others are more repetitious, ever-changing variations of a given visual theme. The audio on the DVD is available as both standard stereo as well as 5.1 surround sound. The visuals were created by the Airside design studios.

The duo recently announced Lemon Jelly would be taking a hiatus as of 2008, Fred Deakin released the news on their forum, also stating that whilst there was a possibility the two would work together again, they would be pursuing solo careers for the time being.

The single "Cold Fusion" includes a sample from the 1977 Documentary The Glory Of Their Times, in which Rube Marquard relates about John McGraw: "He was the finest and the grandest man in the world to work for. He loved his players and the players loved him; he was wonderful. Although the newspapermen called him 'Muggsy', and that's the only thing he despised. Anybody called him, he didn't care who it was, he'd take a pop at him and he couldn't lick a stamp."