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Ravin's Website

Ravin was born on 11th of July, 1966, in the Indian Ocean, on Mauritius Island, with a traditional Hindu upbringing. He moved to France as a teenager where he developed his childhood passion: music. He began working in a music shop in Paris, which cultivated his interest in dance music and club culture.

Ravin soon began to play at private parties and at the famous French club “The Rex” where he became the resident Dj on the weekends. With the help of Laurent Meuer from “Le Bay”, Ravin was given the opportunity to play at the infamous Wiz Bombino parties. There, he met Claude Challe, the owner of “Les Bains Douches”, one of hottest Parisian nightspots in the eighties, who introduced him to Electronic Fusion and World Music.

After having made his debut with Claude Challe on records such as “The Flying Carpet”, “Loverdose” and “Nirvana Lounge”, Ravin arrived at the “Buddha Bar” in Paris in 1997 where he immediately felt at home. The exotic décor combined with the musical ambience brought Ravin back to his Indian origins. There, in collaboration with Claude Challe again, the first two “Buddha Bar” compilations were conceived. Ravin went on to produce Buddha Bar III. He is currently the reigning Dj at “Buddha Bar” in Paris and performs regularly worldwide.

Ravins’ passion for global sounds and world culture has prompted his production of Disc One “Peace” of the two disc compilation album “Buddha Bar presents Amnesty International” to celebrate the foundations 40 years history.