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Skeewiff are a funky breaks act started by Producer Alex and DJ Elliot back in 1998. They signed their first deal with Ministry of sound label FSUK the following year and immediately released a number collectable esoteric EPs. Records like AWOL and Quattro stagioni are still to be found in record boxes worldwide...virtual and physical!

Following two succesful years with FSUK, Skeewiff went on to form their own independent label, Jalapeno Records, which has now released over 100 records and which continues to spread the uber-funk today. The ball started rolling with "the label wont touch this" EP, and album releases of Its all gone. A further 10 Eps and singles and albums Cruise Control Private Funktion were to follow.

Clearly not satisfied with this, Al & El decided to start yet another label - Pedigree Cuts: & this time in the ethers of the digital cloud... Skeewiff's new home was born.

In 2012 Skeewiff were voted best Electro-Swing Producer of the year award.